Classics Articles

Revised articles from my old blog

  1. The Johnson Pyramid Of Programmer Greatness

    A few years ago, inspired by the TV sitcom Parks and Recreation, I fired up Adobe Illustrator and put together an infographic that highlights my personal philosophy about what makes a great software engineer, The Johnson Pyramid Of Programmer Greatness. This is the latest version.

    In this post, I'll talk a bit in depth about how it came about, and what it all means.

  2. Advanced Boot Scripting

    As covered in a previous post, boot is an all-around useful tool for building clojure applications, but one feature in particular has proven a adjuncti finalum [*] : boot lets you do clojure scripting. This elevates clojure to the same high productivity of scripting languages (like my personal favorite, Python), but bakes in dependency management and other goodies. This allows the user to build complexity iteratively, in a straight-forward manner (verses generating a bunch of boiler plate project code and building a package). This article explores boot scripting further, illustrating how boot can be used to quickly and easily develop and distribute applications and tools. There's also discussion about getting your jars into Clojars, and setting up a simple bare-minimum Maven repository.