🦄 Hiring? Josh is looking for work! More info. 🦄

Hiring? Curious About Working With Josh?

The short-short version

I'm actively looking for work. Please poke around this site and look at the links below. If you have a position you think I might be a good fit for, please reach out. I'm also on LinkedIn.

Here are my links:

I'm based in Palm Bay, FL. I am willing to relocate anywhere. I have previous experience working remote and on distributed teams, so remote positions are great too.

I'm not concerned with company size (see my goals below), however start-ups and nonprofits are particularly encouraged to reach out. ❤️

My Resume, Summarized

I solve problems. I've been doing this for a long time (I got my first paying job coding in 1999). I'm not tied to technology or development methodology. I use the tools I have to fix what's broken and bring value to my stake holders. What tools I don't have, I learn, or make. There's no shame in buying or delegating either! 😎 (tools in this sense include tech, languages, platforms, as well as patterns, domain knowledge, and project management and methodology concepts)

I've worked in a lot of languages over the years. I've also picked up many on the job.

Lets not get bogged down in what I know, lets talk about what I've done, what I can learn, and what I can do.

What I Want To Do

Real talk: I want to be useful. That's my goal. I enjoy working on close-knit teams, but I'm self-directed and work well independently. The main thing is making an impact. Second to that, I want to learn new things, grow as an engineer, and do interesting work.

"Interesting", to me, might be different than what it is for other people. For me it's about agency, its about impact. It can be boring work, or the drudgery of being on-call. If I'm able to add value, and have agency to improve the codebase and process as I do it, it's extremely interesting to me. 🌈

I'm open to out-of-the-box collections of responsibilities. I was once "The Gunslinger", working independently on high-risk, high-value projects. I often cross-train in other departments. I jump into help queues. I hang out with accountants and sales people. I do field work. I break down barriers.

I am eager to leverage my experience, love of collaboration, and attention to detail in unique and interesting ways.

For example: My resume may paint me as a "devop" or "programmer" but maybe what you really need is:

  • A user advocate.
  • A cross-functional coordinator.
  • A problem eliminator.
  • A documentation scribe.
  • A customer success accelerator.
  • A software defect exterminator.
  • A development culture ambassador.

Let's work together to create a role where I can be the catalyst of everything your organization needs to be better. That's what I want to do. 💖